Living in the Corvin Quarter
makes everything available
within a few minutes’ walk.

Corvin Quarter has become a modern metropolis within Budapest were due to a redevelopment project started in 2009 it has become a clean, green, modern part of the city.

Sport loving residents of the area just need to drop by at Budapest’s biggest wellness club, Life1 Corvin Wellness Fitness, which not only has cardio, spinning and gym but also a swimming pool with sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzi, etc.

Those who would prefer shopping can visit the Corvin Plaza. All modern retail and service functions are available in this mall, such as grocery stores, fashion shops, bank, pharmacy, post office.

The historical building of Corvin Cinema stands at the western gate of the Promenade. Not only is this cultural meeting point running the newest movies, but is also hosting different events, film festivals, children’s’ programs and film clubs.

The open-air Corvin Promenade with its many terraces, cafés and restaurants lies at the other side of the Corvin Plaza. In addition to culinary delights, other recreational activities are also offered, such as the Corvin Dumaszinhaz, which is one of the most prestigious stand-up comedy theaters in Hungary. In addition, everybody can try their luck in Casino Vegas.

The “A Grund” is a veritable entertainment complex, which is located at the other end of the Promenade. In addition to providing a great opportunity to have fun, eat, drink, play football, or play laser tag; an education center, playground and a community garden can be found in this 700 square meter special architectural environment.

Google chose also this peculiar place to open its autonomous base, Google Ground which is unique even by Europe’s standards. Remarkable internship programs are launched every six months, and the aim of the different seminars is to make Hungarian businesses, startups and students more digitally competitive.

Those who would enjoy the nature will find a park and playground right opposite Prater Park. Within walking range you can reach the botanical gardens of Eötvös University, the Füvészkert. The perfect place to hide from the world, ideal for dates and daytrips, to have a picnic, to enjoy the cherry blossom festival or visit an orchid show. The newly built playground is perfect for families with its newest equipment and its jungle gym.

Not far from Prater Park the Orczy Adventure Park is great for those who like to be challenged and are not afraid to get dirty and test their strength and courage.

Living in the Corvin Quarter makes everything available within a few minutes’ walk.

The area has excellent public transportation connections, the city’s main streaming lines, such as metro line 3, bus line 9, and the 4-6 trams all have stops nearby.