The best investment
in the best location!

Our development is located in Prater Street 73., a short walking distance from the famous Corvin Promenade that its new residential and office spaces are being developed towards the direction of our project.

The 89-unit condominium consists of small apartments suitable for the modern life of Budapest and are sized at 25-69 sqm. Our architect kept in mind not only design efficiency and livable apartment floor plans but also put emphasis on the development of the façade and on the generous and elegant appearance of the lobby. Customers can choose from a wide variety of floorplans, from the one-room studios to penthouses with terraces. Almost every apartment has a balcony, homes on the first floor will have private gardens making them even more valuable.

Our flats will be an excellent choice for first home buyers, for young couples and college students. As such it will be an excellent opportunity for investors since students from surrounding universities and young people working in nearby office buildings create a stable rental market.

Nokia Hungary’s headquarter is currently under construction at the end of Corvin Promenade, and is just a few hundred meters from our project, where thousands of young workers will be employed.

The expected rental fee of the apartments

  • 1 room: 350 €/month
  • 1+1 rooms: 500 €/ month
  • 1+2 rooms: 650 €/ month

In our immediate environment you can find some of the country's largest and best universities, including

  • Semmelweis University, which attracts thousands of foreign students
  • several clinical departments of Semmelweis University, and also its own college, are in the nearby streets.
  • Pázmány Péter Catholic University’s Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, which aims at the anthropocentric information technology education based on the extensive fundamental subjects including the basics of life sciences and on the constantly developing high technologies. Its building is at Prater street 50 / A, just few meters from our project.
  • the Bionics Innovation Center’s (BIC) building, which is under construction at Balassa Street 3-5. BIC will be a significant research base in the modern, international scientific sceen of bionics. The first bionics training in Europe was launched in Hungary, in the cooperation of Pázmány Péter Catholic University and Semmelweis University. Being one of the largest research centers in the country, the Bionics Innovation Centre will further shape the image of the university quarter.
  • the newly renovated building of the National University of Public Service, which is located at Ludovika square. Due to the merger of its predecessors NUPS was initially located on three separate campuses in three different districts of Budapest. Nevertheless, in order to conclude the unification of these institutions, the Government of Hungary has approved the Ludovika Project aiming the establishment of an integrated university campus for the new University. The Ludovika Project enjoys high priority, as it offers several additional advantages for Budapest: a growth in the size and number of green areas within the city and additional cultural and leisure activities for its citizens.
  • Avicenna International College, which is designed to prepare foreign students for university studies in Hungary
  • Wekerle Business School

Adding the excellent public transportation other institutes are also less than 20-minute away: Óbuda University, Corvinus University, Eötvös Loránd University, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Several of the above mentioned institutes are part of the World University Ranking list.